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Microblading is eyebrow semi permanent makeup that gives natural looking, hair-like strokes.

If you aren’t happy with your eyebrows or suffering from any condition that causes hair loss you can benefit from Microblading.

  •  The stroked hairs merge with natural hairs and provide a natural look.
  •  Hairs are stroked to look entirely natural even if a client does not have any natural eyebrows.
  • No health risks.

Bleeding, light hair, oily, or thick skin are usually some of the reasons that some lines fade or become lighter after some time. In that case touch-up is all it takes to make them perfect.


Microblading, Feathering brow $350
Ombre Powder, micro-shading brow $450
Combination brow $500
Touch up (within 4-6 weeks after the main procedure, for clients who have their first session with us only) $130
Extra Touch up (within 2 months after the main procedure) $100
Annual retouch (within 12 months for returned clients only) $250
Annual retouch (within 24 months for returned clients only) $350